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Jan The Mother Mentor

Hi I'm Jan, The Mothers' Mentor & I would love to talk to you!

My approach to pregnancy, birth and mothering is holistic, natural and based within my extensive knowledge and experience of being a mother, grandmother and a holistic midwife, in England to 1000's of families, for over 24 years. 

Each journey of motherhood is unique, awe inspiring and transformational and I honour this with patience, humility and integrity, which allows you to be in full control throughout your own journey.  

Book a FREE Discovery Call and find out how to have a confident positive birth experience with Coach Jan and The Fearless Birth Programme!  

A confidential, no obligation conversation to see were you're at, if you are planning or already pregnant, what your concerns are if you have any and to clarify if we would be a good match to work together.

  • Are you ready to invest in the most important journey of your life?

  • Are you excited to make Parenthood a top priority?

  • Are you willing to take action and be responsible and accountable for yourself and your baby's health and well-being? 


Need a 1:1 session with Jan to gain CLARITY on a specific concern ?

via: Phone | Skype | FaceTime | WhatsApp

$300.00 per 1 hour

1 hour + 1/2 hour follow-up $440.00

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No matter where you live, what stage of pregnancy or mothering you are at, I can help you by providing the right information in a way you can easily absorb and apply in a practical way to your life right now.  You might be feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information out there and not knowing what is or is not applicable to you personally.  Or you maybe struggling with adapting to life with your new baby.  Get in touch and let me shed light and insight onto your queries and concerns to allow you to regain calm and balance.                                            BOOK A CONSULTATION & FIND OUT HOW I CAN HELP YOU. 

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