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TOP TIPS : for a Healthy & Active Natural Birth

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

pregnant momma

Yeyyyyy your pregnant!!

The first few weeks of constant exhaustion, nausea and peeing are passing and your attention starts to move towards finding out more about your pregnancy and how and where you can give birth.

Well momma, childbirth is a lot like running a marathon, just as you would train and prepare intensively to run 26 miles, so you need to prepare your mind body and spirit for the demanding journey of pregnancy birth and motherhood.

Here are TMM's top tips for a active healthy natural birth:

  • KEEP ACTIVE, if you don't already, then every day take time to ... stretch, walk, swim or find a pregnancy yoga class... a fantastic way to prepare for birth!

  • EAT WHOLE REAL FOODS, plenty of lean protein, healthy oils and fruit and vegetables that cover all the colours of the rainbow to ensure you are getting a wide variety of nutrient rich foods.

  • Make sure you AVOID HIGH RISK FOODS that might cause harm such as soft cheeses, pate, unpasteurised milk, raw or partially cooked eggs, foods high in Vitamin A, (like liver), cockles or muscles, raw fish like sushi, alcohol and high levels of caffeine intake.

  • CHOOSE YOUR CARE PROVIDER with careful consideration. Registered Midwives (in the UK) are trained to be experts in natural normal birth and give holistic care within the family setting. An Obstetric Doctor on the other hand most likely will follow the medical model of care with doctor patient relationship rather than the Midwife Mother relationship, where the Midwifes role is to "be with woman" through childbirth and only referring to a doctor if a cause for concern arises. Its vital to have care providers that are aligned with how you want to birth your baby.

  • Get educated and know all your options. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Proper evidenced based information is vital.

  • When you are satisfied you know all your options choose WHERE you want to BIRTH.

  • THINK POSITIVE pray, use mindfulness, and /or positive affirmations all reiterating that you are a strong capable woman with an innate ability to birth her baby.

  • COPING STRATEGIES use breath, hypnobirthing, watertherapy, massage, meditation. Find out what works for you.

  • Learn the benefits of OPTIMAL POSITIONING and a BIRTHING BALL

  • Know the benefits and risks of interventions. utilise the BRAIN decision making tool......

BENEFITS- what are the benefits?

RISKS- what are the risks?

ALTERNATIVES- are there any alternatives?

INTUITION- what is you intuition saying?

NOTHING- what happens if you do nothing?

So there are TMM's top tips, please leave any comments below or contact Jan, The Mothers Mentor for a FREE consultation to PERSONALLY answer any queries or questions you might have or find out more about the any of the above. Yours in love and light, Jan.

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