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The Fearless Mummy Programme

newborn baby sucking fingers
Mother and new baby

A comprehensive 4th trimester care package!

TMM will help guide you through this challenging time, working through your anxieties and fears with you,  to help you avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. Personalised guidance and support will ensure you feel empowered, fulfilled and prepared for a triumphant transition to the ongoing journey that is motherhood. 

This is what your care package may look like...

A total of 5 x 1 hour virtual "visits" via Skype or your choice of video link provider.

  • Prenatal Review - to take a comprehensive history of your medical, gynaecological and pregnancy history to create an individualised plan for your postpartum care.

  1. Birth Reflections - A safe and non-judgemental space to explore and reflect on your birth experience to restore clarity, calm and balance. 

  2. Postpartum physicalities - information on normal changes following birth. Physical changes , healing and recovery. Optimum nutrition suggestions to sustain you. Postpartum exercise and returning to pre-pregnancy health.

  3. Infant Feeding - the benefits of skin to skin, normal patterns of newborn feeding, pooing and sleeping. Teaching you to recognise cues for feeding, cuddling and discomfort.

  4. Newborn Care - advice on skin care, changing, bathing and clothing. Calming a fractious baby. Recognising the "normal" baby and what to do if you are concerned.

  5. Self-Care - strategies to cope with a lack of sleep and exhaustion. Physical care of your breasts, healing your perineum, haemorrhoids and bleeding. Postpartum health, nutrition and exercise for recovery to pre-pregnancy body. Sex and relationships.

Big brother and newborn baby sister
mother kissing her baby

Balance & Restore 

(Birth Reflections)

woman meditating

Jan provides a listening ear and a safe space for you to reflect and explore your individual birth experience(s) in order for you to gain personal clarity, calmness and balance in an unhurried non-judgemental, healing way. It can be particularly helpful to reflect on your journey to motherhood if your birth did not go as you had expected.

The birth of a baby can be an amazing experience, but for many women it is experienced as negative, frightening or even traumatic, resulting in feelings of helplessness, disappointment and failure. Some express a lack of choice, control and not enough accurate unbiased information.

A 2 hour consultation has been found to be of most benefit to our mummies. We use the first hour for reflection and the second hour to discuss strategies for healing.  

Seeking help is the first step towards being kind to yourself and starting the healing journey to regain balance and restoration of your emotional and psychological health. Jan can help you along this journey. We can't change what happened but I can help you change your understanding of your birth and your insights about the issues surrounding it and the intensity you feel and your relationship with it. 

happy family

The Fearless Mummy Reloaded


Perfect if this isn't your first baby but you would like some personal guidance through the first few weeks of life with your new baby. You have done it all before but it is a challenging time and now not only do you have a newborn baby to care for, you also have the rest of your family demanding your attention at the same time. The Mothers Mentor will provide one to one practical, emotional and holistic support to guide you through this challenging time.

The Fearless Mummy Reloaded Programme includes: A 3 hour virtual visit, via Skype or your choice of video link provider.

  • Prenatal Review to get to know each other and create a flexible postpartum action plan specifically to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

  1. The remaining 2 "visits" are totally flexible and can be used anyway you wish and can cover any of the topics covered in The New Mummy Programme. This gives you maximum opportunity to focus on the aspects of the early weeks that are especially concerning or problematic for you.

  2. Additional "visits" can be added if you so wish at an additional cost per "visit". 

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