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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jan? 

Hi I'm a mother, grandmother and Holistic British trained Midwife with over 24 years experience working in England and my passion is to work with women and their families during their childbearing years!      Find out more HERE! 

What is a mentor? 

"An experienced friend, guide, confidante, coach, counsellor, teacher, therapist, consultant.

The mentor focuses holistically on your personal development, building a relationship of trust and integrity allowing you as an individual to locate your own path at your own pace, whilst providing information and guidance that meets your individual needs, desires and goals. 

Who is it for? 

TMM is for anyone connected with childbirth! You maybe planning for a baby, already pregnant, a first time mummy, on your first or fifth baby, needing support throughout or targeted to areas where you need the most help and support. You maybe considering a Vaginal Birth After a Caesarean section birth (VBAC). Or you maybe considered "high risk". Whatever it is we can help you in a practical purposeful way. Packages are always flexible! 

If you are a birth professional or interested in becoming one, then we can guide you to choose the right profession for you or give you practical and emotional support for challenges you may face within your own practice. We can also provide support in business practices, building your business and how to use social media to your advantage.  


Why is it 'virtual'?

"Virtual," means we meet and communicate via an online medium such as SKYPE / FACETIME / WHATTSAPP. We prefer this because it is a simple and very effective way of connecting with you. We can talk confidentially, one to one, at any time no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. It couldn't be more easy! This makes my service very accessible and convenient, you do not have to travel anywhere or wait inline for your turn, you can just talk with me from the comfort of your own armchair in your own home, or your place of work or wherever is most convenient for you, wherever in the world you are.


What will I learn?

We inform guide and educate you for labour, birth and life with your new baby. That means informing you of all your choices surrounding where, how and with whom to have your baby, including the unexpected twists and turns that may happen along the way. Our aim is to for you to be educated and prepared to make the individual choices that are right for you, whether that be a homebirth, waterbirth or a hospital birth. Or how you can have a home like experience in a hospital setting. Whatever it is we can support, guide and inspire you.

Can I meet you in person? 

Yes! We have a VIP service where Jan is able to travel to select locations to deliver consults or a programme of empowering parent education or a postnatal care package tailored to your needs. (Subject to Jan being available). One or two day luxury breaks are extremely popular were intensive preparation for birth is combined with a relaxing luxury break for the parents to be, providing clients with an amazing combination of relaxation and vital education to ensure a beautiful birth experience and smooth transition to parenthood. 

How much does it cost? 

I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to answer any queries or questions you might have and to initiate a discussion on what Care Package might be most suitable for you. The cost will then depend on the care package that you choose.

 60mins consultation £80.00. 

 90mins consultation £110.00.

Care Packages are individually priced, please contact us for further information!   

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